Black Ops 2 Double XP Weekend Dates

black ops 2 double xp

Looking for the next Black Ops 2 double XP weekend date? You’re in the right place. This page will be updated regularly as soon as the latest double XP weekends for Black Ops 2 are confirmed by Treyarch or Activision. Keep checking back for the latest Black Ops 2 double XP dates.

Friday, October 25 – Friday, November 1 (Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 3)

Friday, October 11 – Monday, October 14 (Season Pass holders only)

Friday, September 27 – Monday, September 30 (double weapon XP only)

Friday, September 20 – Monday, September 23

Friday, August 30 – Tuesday, September 3 (double weapon XP only)

Friday, August 23 – Monday, August 26

Friday, August 2 – Monday, August 5 (double weapon XP only)

Friday, July 26 – Monday, July 29

Wednesday, July 3 – Monday, July 8 (double weapon XP only)

Friday, June 28 – Monday, July 1

Friday, May 17 – Monday, May 20 (double weapon XP only)

Friday, May 10 – Monday, May 13

Friday, April 19 – Monday, April 22 (double weapon XP only)

Friday, April 12 – Monday, April 15

Friday, March 1 – Monday, March 4 (double weapon XP only)

Friday, February 22 – Monday, February 25

Friday, February 1 – Monday, February 4 (double weapon XP only)

Friday, January 25 – Monday, January 28

Friday, December 14 – Sunday, December 16

Friday, November 16 – Sunday, November 18 (available to people who pre-ordered only)

*Unless otherwise stated, all double XP events start and finish at 10am PT / 6pm UK time (convert to your local time). The Nuketown 2025 playlist will be active with regular double XP weekends only.

  • BobTheBuilder

    I heard there was double xp either this weekend or the next for everyone.

    • kgjkjgh

      Me too

  • Sticks 28

    I’ll look up info about that. I’ll keep you posted.

  • ZigZag

    Its the 14th threw the 17th I herd for xbox 360!

    • mely1

      Do u know what time it starts pls. (uk time)

  • Ibbzziiee
  • Dannycurran

    When is the nxt double exp weekend on black ops 2

    • Michael Phillips Aeropastale

      Tht is black osp 2

  • mark

    Is there double xp dec 21st

  • Carl

    I heard there was double xp starting on the 29th anyone have info on that?


    WhEn Is ThE nExT dOuBeL xP

  • Buff

    When is the next double Xp weekend in 2013

    • Bo2 player

      they r going to try and make it for April 12 weekend on account of new dlc coming the 20th but i dont know if confrimed yet but thats wat i know

      • EighteenCharacters

        Makes no sense to have a Double XP weekend BEFORE a new map pack drops, but this weekend will be the second Double XP weekend in a row that they’ve done that very thing.

        • TooMuchFreeTime

          3 days of constant COD for double XP, all the sudden you’re sick of the same maps over and over and the new map pack DLC looks like a good purchase.

          I don’t buy any of the DLC anymore after falling for the ELITE ripoff on mW3. Preciate the double xp tho.

          • OR PICK A NAME

            Same..after i fell for elite i was soo mad

  • Jacob

    when’s the next double xp of 2013

    • Jared44

      The Weekend The DLC Comes Out.

  • Nick

    Just guessing, but I’m pretty certain that the next double xp is going to be February 1st since that is the Friday after the map pack is supposed to be released

    • mltiplyr


  • AKinfidel

    When is the next double-xp weekend?

  • Cristiano ronaldo

    When is the next double xp on cod black ops 2 in 2013

  • hbizzy7690

    I jusr want all nuketown nothinh else


      There should be a lobby just for nuketown 2025

  • shane

    when is the next double xp weekend in 3013

    • mltiplyr

      As soon as the next date is confirmed we will update this page, but probably the weekend after Revolution is released.

    • dark


  • Andreyy

    with Nuketown?

  • Justin

    Update this page. The next X2 xp is this Weekend!!!

    • Justin

      Sorry, Didnt see it is updated

  • tool

    what time in europe?

  • Im 4shots1kill

    There is no Xp did I forgot to put it on

  • romil

    double xp weekend jst startd..enjoy guys…

  • John Webb

    There is no point in playing this weekend. With 757k online I guess it’s too much. I’m tired of having streaks on standby and getting kicked out 1/3 of the way through. I’m done and would not suggest getting online to play.

    • JohnPeters

      That’s not what happened to me – I decided to prestige just before I started and I’m almost ready to prestige again – I had no games with a lower score than 25k

  • Ohhgggg

    When is the next double xp

  • thatdude

    Is there going to be a double xp weekend when revolution is released on ps3? Sux we have to wait a whole month after xbox gets it. Shitty marketing ploy by xbox but im sure treyarch got paid nice for the exclusivity

  • Senny

    the double xp this weekend is actually weapon xp to celebrate the release of the revolution map pack

  • rustybob

    when is the next date for double xp in 2013

  • rustybob

    what will the next map pack be and what is the issue date

  • MrCod

    Is there more double xp this year pls answer

  • godly1984

    does any 1 know when the next double xp weekend for 2013 is :)

  • James

    When’s the next double xp now then?

  • Dub Lexpee

    When is the next Double XP weekend yo?

  • Savagepanic

    When is the next double xp weekend after fed 1-4…I want to know when is the next double xp…

  • otto

    This page is great!

  • Tropical_Merkzz

    Is this weeks double xp for everyone ?

    • mltiplyr

      Yes (inc. Wii U).

  • Brian

    this weekend

  • gilhooly_killa

    yes bo2 double XP weekend :D

  • Darrenh7092

    Why hasn’t the double xp start

  • Ashley Asking Alexandria Jenki

    I have a xbox live gold 2 day trial and Im not getting any double XP today (22nd February). Why?

  • will1046

    when is the next double weekend after the feb 22 to the 25 feb in 2013

  • #TeamBrass

    Your Friday, February 1st dates are wrong. It should say March. :)

  • SteveO GameO

    very cool update with what many gamers would be searching for!

  • Michael Phillips Aeropastale

    He’ll ya

  • Michael Phillips Aeropastale

    Tht is 2013

  • Krazygamer


  • Bill Thompson

    When do it start

  • Chris


  • Bill Thompson

    When is there going to be double Xp weekend for all

  • josh

    when is the next double xp for march or april

  • charlie

    when are you giving more double xp for blackops2 onps3

  • Soda

    when is the next double xp weekend in 2013 ?!?!?!?

  • charlie

    when is the next double xp weekend i need it was sent back to lev 1 n banned for 6 day not kool

  • charlie

    i pre-ordered my game n i dont like to be sent back to lev 1 i was on prestige master n they sent back i dont know why

    • Jayden

      Call game owners they fix it happend to me to

  • alex ruzzo

    When is the next weekend double xp weekend

  • alex ruzzo

    Play grind

  • alex ruzzo

    Get revolution also


    when is the next double xp weekend i want

  • Harry Plummer

    when is next double xp for black ops 2

  • james

    when will be next one in march

  • james

    double xp is amazing
    love you treyarch



  • andy

    when is the next double xp weekend?

  • nigiter

    is there a 2xp in march anytime soon

    • sdsafa

      it says it re re

      • Gdsod

        What does rere mean? And when will it be

        • Sergarace Ellis

          re re means retard…And the New DLC pack comes out on the April 16th

          • Suckle Onatoe

            writing re re is retarded.

      • thatkidwithhair

        What does re re mean? And when is the next one in April, 2013

  • RamRod

    is the next double xp day going to be 4 days before yesterday?

  • Snatch Gobbler

    can I eat bacon to earn more double xp?

  • Jay_Flyz

    When is the next date in march for double xp?

  • xp

    Dlc for guns come out so double xp this

  • Steve

    I already know how to get 700xp per kill you just get a bank-shot with a combat axe (when the axe bounces and kills the enemy)
    Chopped up:100
    total: 700

  • alex ruzzo

    Is double xp weekend this weekend march 22 thru march 25 in 2013

    • greg

      I hope

    • Addmeonxboxspacejam1013

      i think so

    • mltiplyr


  • Freddy

    When is the upcoming 2xp coming up

  • ultu bacon

    how about the next one for April, maybe even late march?

  • Uwildie

    Does a normal double xp include rank and weapon experience or only rank?

  • the Beast 365

    when is the next double xp weekend

  • FaZe_Ramoz


  • nicholas

    when is the next double xp weekend

  • jjw

    There should be one soon

  • bones

    Will there be double xp for ester

  • kevin

    come on trayarc we want to know when is next xp

  • XxsuchabossxX12

    U should really make a
    game mode where u could play on whatever map u want to

  • greywing55

    when is the next double xp for 2013 after march 24

  • greywing55


  • Aus2013

    is there double xp weekend for Easter long weekend?

  • Tropical_Merkzz

    I think that the next double xp will probz be easter weekend

  • Brewdawg77

    What time is a normal download for xbox360 bops2?

  • white mush

    when is the next double xp weekend . Is it hopefully going to be at the end of march

  • Christopher Clark

    Next one should be april 7th or when the cod comp starts, the 1st friday of the comp



  • charlie

    are you giving double xp this weekend

  • charlie

    are you giving double xp this weekend for black ops 2

  • lakers

    is there a double xp on april 1

  • charlie

    give us more double xp 2weekend for black ops 2

  • joe

    When will the next one be up to date march 2013

  • monster

    Why isnt there one for this Holiday weekend – I’ve set a whole day aside for COD :(

  • Amir pollak

    when is double xp weekend april 2013

  • iwantxp

    whens the next double xp event in april

  • XGC MrGrimm

    They should be having a double XP weekend either this weekend, or the next weekend because of the new map packs they are releasing in the First week of April

  • michael

    Is ther a double points weekend soon? Cheers

  • mwood92

    No we want the next double xp weekend not dates that have already passed.

  • @Treyarch

    ‘March 29′

  • Iben Ted

    when is the next double xp weekend on black ops 2?

  • Jared

    what about Easter weekend? (March 31st 2013)

  • noah tyson

    when is the next 2xp weekend after march

  • kjsdkfjdv

    I got nuketown 2025 and I didn’t pre order I just got the reg game a month ago im lucky

    • thatkidwithhair

      Everyone does there is a card in every game with a 2 day xbox live gold trial and a nuketown 2025 on the back but most people dont notice it because they think it is just a two day gold trial I had the game for a month before I realized.

  • ledkjnjdn

    100th comment oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    Is there a double Xperia in April

  • cod playa

    when is the next double xp weekend

  • kenneth martinez

    when is the double xp weekend4/3/13

  • Nathaniel Millar

    is there double xp in april?

  • mattixs

    just saw starting 4-12 is another double xp weekend

  • this guy

    April 12 thru April 15

  • Par1411

    Girls and Gents, Official posting states weekend of april 14th is the next double XP weekend

    • Par1411

      For Xbox

  • TimeBender

    This page is worthless…..They announced it last night on title screen of BO2.
    April 12th-14th

  • Kevin Lopez

    Double xp is for faggots like all u morons who have no life

    • Zoxain

      unlike the faggot with no life commenting about others…

  • Kevin Lopez

    Play like a. Pro not a loser who needs double xp to level up I skip out on that shit

  • Kevin Lopez

    But if u losers wanna know double xp is the 12th of march dlc 16TH FOR XBOX.

  • Bob

    Seriously..!!!..I’ve missed the last three xp weekends.. How about making it to where people who work for a living and play too can have a chance to get double xp…this sucks

    • Sergarace Ellis

      I feel u bruh, I missed out on the last 3 also….but April 12 – 16 is the next double xp weekend. Won’t miss this one

  • TimeBender

    This page is useless….they took like 4 extra days to post something that was listed in the launch menu on BO2…
    Get on the ball Mod’s…don’t delete my comment this time…just do you job and post the info before its GLARINGLY public.

  • poop

    fuck ya

  • genesis1206

    im looking for sum good players to join my clan on ps3 must have a 1.50 K/D if interested my PSN is genesis1206

  • alex ruzzo

    Anyone intrested in joining my clan on ps3 u can be any k/d friend swirveassain and my clan is MOBB

  • alex ruzzo

    Idr bros the same maps and dlc coming out after double xp tht sucks

  • cody

    if you purchase season pass does it include future dlc maps?

    • mltiplyr


  • cody

    how do you get double xp for black ops 2 beings dew aint sponsoring it

    • STP

      You play, you get 2x XP that is all!

  • alex ruzzo

    Id think so cody

  • alex ruzzo

    Wht do u mean cody

  • STP

    What i wanna know is, what fucking time does it start?!

    • mltiplyr

      Read the article, bro!

  • alex ruzzo

    It starts on friday so i think it would start at 12am

  • Leigh Ann Kopaczewski-Tynes

    DUDE!! Do you people not know how to read?!?!?

    • sam


  • alex ruzzo

    Shut the hell up we no how to fuckin read

  • Scott4mufc

    It is not working

  • Stockcube

    So its double xp but no nuketown 2025 ?



  • Booooooobbbbbsas sss


  • skull

    when is double xp for both guns and level up ?

    • ryan pannone11

      Ya when is the next dubble xp weekend for both
      weapons and level upp

  • Ron

    Why no Nuketown… its the only reason I play this game anymore… ruining my plans for the entire weekend!

  • Helenjohonnett

    When is the Next double Xp going to happen from march – then on in 2013 ? I know today and this weekend till monday is double Xp for the guns .. Can someone please answer my question ..

  • sid_thekid

    is there gonna be xp for may the new dlc maps?

  • matthew povey

    When is double XP. on dose any1. know ?? plz.comment thanx

  • alex ruzzo

    Idk will have to wait and see

  • Fhfsgg

    Is there a double xp weekend in may?

    • SammyBoy

      there’s one going on right now!! (May 10th ’13)

  • sandro

    is in this month one ?

  • Codmama

    I Would Love A Double X P As A Mothers Day Gift! Just Throwing That Out There!

  • Overall

    When is there going to be the new double xp weekend for may??

  • SumGuy

    av herd that 2xp is ment to b this weekend! this true?

  • SammyBoy

    Is this weekend’s one (May 10th) the last one?

  • BlackOps007

    Free map packs on double XP this weekend! Wow, I save some serious $$$ and got two additional guns too.

  • Zombiemike

    My x2 xp isn’t working any more, same with my sons Xbox, only had it for 2 hours last night :(

  • Temp4life

    2xp message is showing when I start up multiplayer but when I play there is no 2xp what’s is the problem. ps I’m using an Xbox 360

  • Temp

    Wow… I just got a free Microsoft points card code and it redeemed just fine! I got it at freemspointsforever☻ com

  • mikey

    double xp has not cum on yet and it say it comes on on the 17

  • mikey

    wot’s goin on wid the double xp y aint it working

  • Tom

    when is the next double xp WD ??

  • Bob123

    When’s that next one

  • wayne

    i want double xp im just 8th prestige come on

  • BUffalo Bills

    When next double xp weekend in May 2013?

  • Faz

    Whens next double xp on

  • james

    Is they a double xp weekend in june?

  • Mbabbz

    Is there one in june

  • jon

    when is the next doubel xp june what

  • jon

    or is there any double xps in june please tell me

  • Bored

    Rumor is, we’re going to have one this weekend, June 7-9, as a sort of “beginning of summer” present. Any objections?

  • MostWanted_A

    June ? 2xp

  • jordan

    when is the next xp weekend for 2013

  • Name

    is there a double xp in june

  • leonard

    is there an double xp in june 2013

  • Chris

    when are we getting in again on xbox 360 its june 10???

  • crazyindian

    When is the next double xp weekend???

  • nicky

    when the is the double xp on june what

  • jeff mendoza

    Is there on July ? ? I need to know :) plz add audit v7

  • mickyc90

    is there another x2 weekend coming up soon?

  • lilrell_fwm

    Is one in june

  • Puff

    Will there be one in June or July 2013

  • alex ruzzo

    I think theres gonna be a double xp weekend on june 21-24

  • Spangebab

    when Is the next 2x exp. weekend I need to catch up on my friend cuz he is prestige 4 lv. 23 and I am prestige 3 lv. 46 and i really want to catch UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joseph Garcia

    Any more coming up? Like for vengeance?

  • KEV-Smacktaklks

    Im KEV-Smacktalks on ps3 add me u all

  • Zack

    It’s almost the end of June! when is the next 2xp weekend

  • dave

    i keep checking on here only to see its says about double xp only when it says so on cod! please give us some heads up!!! need double xp now!!

  • alex ruzzo


  • Alex

    did you guys know that the latest patch on black ops 2 there was a glitch that made it so on most current maps you cant the the ray-gun verison 2! i know its pretty awsome since it is out before the actual DLC

  • oppy

    what time does double xp start on 28th June?

  • Tony Frederick00

    What time does double xp start

  • Patrick Blais Chauvin

    I live in Canada and it’s 11am on Friday June 28 and the double xp as not started yet. Please help me !!!!!

  • devin

    I love double xp weekend

  • Josh Fletcher

    Is there not going to be anymore double points after this one that ends on the first of July then ???

  • Theblebarn

    Great :) Moved 4 prestiges this weekend :P

  • Seth Wahl

    It’s there a new list yet

  • Mojo

    i need xp im only lvl 28 cuz i jus got black ops2

  • Jernshvjsb

    apparently if they come out w bo3 theyre gonna have a x5 xp weekend on the weekend after release


    diamond all the way

  • Eumesmo

    double xp dont work 0.o

  • Jack

    When is x2p for July 26th what time does it come out

  • isaac

    what does double weapon xp only mean?

    • Alex

      You only gain experience on your weapons. Quick for leveling up weapons and prestiging those weapons that you use.

  • Bryan

    is there gunna be a double xp around september?

  • CrzhTayzah

    These People must be Retarted that they cant read?

  • harry

    whens next double xp?+ 07/08/2013?

  • Dan

    How can we request a double xp on labor day weekend? That would be awesome since most of the time I have to stop early sunday so I can get some sleep. This would give most people extra xp time.

  • lol

    wen is the next double xp in august

  • JeBBaz

    Does anyone know when the next double xp weekend is?

    Add me ~ Xbox


  • Alex

    The pattern seems to be (for Double XP for prestige) 4 weeks, then 7 weeks, then 4, then 7. So the next one should be September 13.

  • budder

    is there going to be another XP weekend?

  • megusta

    think there is one this weekend since the dlc is coming this tuesday so :D

  • justin

    Is doudle xp to dan an what tim

  • almousawi

    can i get an e-mail notification when this page gets updated?

  • James

    will there be anymore now that that 4 dlc map packs are out?

  • Aaronbyrde

    is it weapon or just exp?

  • Wheelyking63

    It’s gone 6pm, where’s double Xperia points?


    What time is it supposed to start..?

  • Tommmy BOLO

    I don’t know about you guys, but Double XP DID NOT start on Friday at 10 AM like they claim on the game? Wtf!? They’re usually very good at setting it up for the weekends, atleast by now!!?

  • brett


  • toothpic

    accourding to this they hve double xp twice a month

  • Gyft Kamzi

    Is the next double xp the 20th of Sept. for xbox or ps3?

  • P

    Double XP going on Right now..

  • Tommy Searle

    WHEN IS THE NEXT DOUBLE XP WEEKEND 2013!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • cody

    Are ya going to keep double xp on black tops 2

  • Antti

    Today is double xp bo2 ?

  • BOB

    When is the next in November 2013

  • spencer

    when is x2 weekend in November 2013

  • nick

    I need to know for november 2013

  • rhys

    i need to know if there is double xp this weekend to rank up and get camos, please tell me

  • best cod player

    when is double xp week in 2014 . /?

  • cod

    when is double Xp weekend in 2014

  • Pkoegel

    When will the next double xp be in 2014 for black ops 2

  • jonathan

    when will we have a double xp weekend in 2014????

  • mysterypup

    Is there one in january

  • mysterypup

    Is there one in january

  • Kenny de killer

    Wen is the next x2 xp 2014

  • Tim Smith

    anyone know when the next double xp is?

  • Sergio

    When is the next one for 2014

  • livia

    and 2014?????

  • kurtis

    when is the next double XP weekend in 2014

  • Jessica

    Will there be any double xp weekends in 2014?

  • EVSKEmcfish

    Can any one tell me when the next double weapon and player xp weekend is please
    For 2014

  • Dylan Graeff

    When is the next double ex week end 2014

  • Jayden

    when is the next double Xp weekend in 2014

  • Colby

    Is this 2014?

    • Zachary

      I think so but I guess we will all find out when the day comes.