Nuketown 2025 Playlist Removed From Black Ops 2, Pre-Orderers Upset

You may have been happily slaying fools on the Nuketown 2025 24/7 playlist since launch but today the playlist was taken down by Treyarch. No more Nuketown 2025 in Black Ops 2 for you, my friend.

Many, many people pre-ordered Black Ops 2 in order to get the exclusive pre-order bonus map, a remake of the most popular map from Black Ops, thinking that it would be in the regular playlists or have its own permanent playlist. Well, Nuketown 2025 is not in the regular playlists and it won’t have its own permanent playlist.

So why include Nuketown 2025 as a bonus map if people can’t play it in the public playlists? Well, Treyarch said that Nuketown 2025 will only be back for special events and that “you can always play it with your friends in Custom Games”. Really, Treyarch? You have some pretty pissed pre-orderers who thought that they would actually get to play the map for longer than a mere 6 days post-launch and on ‘special events’! And, who wants to play in private matches just to be able to play a certain map? Nobody!

There is hope, though. When asked if Nuketown 2025 would be made available in the regular playlists, Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar replied: ”Yeah, probably eventually” and that it is “being talked over internally”.

[Update] Treyarch have realized what a bad move removing the pre-order bonus map from the game altogether would be and have made Nuketown 2025 available in a public playlist again via the ‘Chaos Moshpit’ playlist.

  • ruben orosco

    wut the fuck is this i paid 88$ for that map

  • Pred

    This is bullshit, cmon @Treyarch

  • Activision= MoneyCows

    Way to go Activision/Treyarch, outdoing yourselves every year. If it’s not one thing it’s another.

  • Matt

    wow you suck Treyarch! Be the last time i get your game!

  • Cillian Greene

    The only reason i can think of is that they dont want to “split” the community so early. When you put DLc in, you split the matchmaking process, and finding games becomes harder and harder.

  • Rayman Bowii

    So most people pre-ordered only because of Nuketown. Treyarch, will you ever make a 1 fucking successful game ? I don’t think so. I have a ”Connection Interrupted” problem on PC when ever i join Hijacked, Raid, Plaza, Standoff and some other maps including Yemen and Slums. Nuketown was an escape to my problem. What have you done… Stole my £40 from me and not let me play anything except zombies. Screw you, fix the problem or put Nuketown back on. Or Karma awaits you from the Community. Nuff.

    • mltiplyr

      Not only because of Nuketown 2025, but it was a big incentive.

      • Rayman Bowii

        That’s why I said most people, not all people. Sorry for your misunderstanding.

  • Ronaldo

    ARE U FUCKING SERIOUS TREYARCH!! i just got home from a stressful job, saying to myself i cant wait to get this job off my mind, and play some NUKETOWN all night. Here i am at home with no Nuketown playlist!!! what happen to NUKETOWN 24/7 “WE NEVER CLOSE” MISLEADING SCAM!!!

  • pcd3v

    Ripoff nerds… Let’s go to Battlefield 3 at least they do not *censored* their users!

  • Outraged123

    This is ridiculous i believe also a form of false advertisement? The playlist was called “NukeTown 24/7″ ???

  • Brad

    Thanks 3arch, while i did like the map a lot, it became apparent that it was the only way to progress since nothing else payed off so well, i began playing it absudly and continously for hours and it was really fun… However it smurfed the other playlist so much as far as exp gain it was beggining to bother me, im very impressed and pleased overall

  • wtfaweezel

    this is so sad we all payed extra for this map and they just took it from us you are scammers i wanna have my 20 euro back

  • David Taylor

    Anyway you slice it…its a shit sandwich…and we all bit into it. They have already made their money…so what do they care. All we can do now is either bitch and moan about it or just trade it in for something else. This company will be forever in Bad karma.

  • Wow treyarch

    Wow treyarch you guys can get in serious problems for false advertising and stealing money form your own players!

  • Wow treyarch

    Wow tryeyarch you guys can get in serious problems for false advertising and stealing money fron the lie of that advertisment. You guys are dicussing to put it in regular playlist? NO!! I payed 20 £ for this map that you guys take down 6 days later. Oh were eaning to much exp? Well duh beacause you should make the other maps better because they suck and gues what theySUCK!!!!!!! If other players wanna play it so bad and didnt pre order it send a message treyarch sayin go buy the addon cheap players!!!when are u guys actually going to make a good game!!!???

  • Ash Hanna

    I’m ALREADY pissed I only got Ti play it for 3days
    And NOW no more
    That’s fucked

  • TQ Exci

    First you guys take the killcams out of theater that u cant use them… and now you take the nuketown out… last time i buy any of your games if u dont put them back

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  • bick dick bobby

    they were committeed to 24/7 nuketown 2025 and they shut it down they need to give that back they fucked up

  • Rosko

    Why the fuck do you care which map were playing?
    We paid to play that map and we want it back.

  • dying


  • hesi

    Feeling cheated, they won’t bring the 24/7 mode back, just a lame “chaos moshpit”-mode, which isn’t even in my playlist.
    Weak, and a total scam, never buying anything made by treyarch again.

  • F treyarch

    f*** this treyarch you suck

  • Yeah.

    What a scam. Just put it back and everybody wins. Treyarch’s a bunch of fucking niggers anyway. Hope your company goes down the drain for all the shit games you’ve made recently. Nuketown was the only reason people bought this shit. You guys have probably lost a good 50% of fans, fucking shit sticks.

  • Steve J M Peters

    Last time the fucking assholes will get my money U took NUKETOWN away after it being there for a week 24/7 stuff the map packs up there ass I`ll never give them another dime and I never got this piece of shit soundtrack in my case neither

  • Jared C

    I Think I know why Black Ops 2 is 40$ I Bought it for 40$ & It still is, They’re probally selling It for 40$ Including nuketown 2025 In a Return for an Apolagy..